It’s friday!

Today has been a fun day of breakfast with my girls, crafting with my friends, and hoping for naps (fingers crossed).

Oh, and I totally spaced and Ellery’s 9 month appointment.  I’m so bummed!  I was really eager to hear her stats since her last appointment was at 6 months.

So, to chase the I’m-a-total-idiot blues away here are some happy instagram photos from our world this week!

Addie loves her cousins.  Like LOVES!  Every activity I mention that we will be doing, she suggest that they be there too, or more like demands.

Also, this stawberry fabric that I turned into a dress, some shorts, and a headband.  I am pretty much obsessed. Plus, I mean, my girls are sorta adorable in them.

i18 i15

This man has been working on some memorization with his daughter during family worship time. This is how far we’ve gotten.

Who made you?  “God made me!”

What else did God make? “All the things!”

Why did God make you and everything? “For His own gloooooory”

How do we glorify God? “By loving Him and doing what He commands”

She has her theology down, but not so much her kissy face.

i14 i13

In other news, Addie is at an age where she can legitimately help . . . if she feels like it that is.

Also, hammocks.  They are the best.


I’m working on contentment and studying it with some girlfriends.  This little image of a pretty succulent on a pretty tablecloth reminds me that sometimes looking at the little pretty details can be encouraging instead of dwelling on the big scary stuff!

We had some great family time last weekend as well, which was wonderful in this season of hubby working most Saturdays.  Our little one had a blast!

i10 i8

I’ve been working on a lot of small, mostly free projects to make our home a pretty space.  This quote is something that I just love.  Our house is tiny, but it truly is a home.

Then there is my 9-month-old who has decided to start climbing! Ahhhhh!

i7 i6

More succulents, pretty morning light, and TRUTH!

My matching grocery helper and I felt really cool in our California Trucker hats.  Although, I may have secretly been hiding my non-showered, no-make-up, messy-hair self.

i5 i4

Oh, sweet Elle.  She is the cutest.  Addie is getting better at helping with her as well.  It is so fun to watch.  Much more fun than watching Addie tackle her, hit her with a toy, or try to poke her with a screw she found in the shed in the backyard.

i3 i2

Last, but not least, I am prepping for another baby shower so a few girlfriends came over and we crafted our pants of.  It was so fun and I can’t wait to see it all come together!


What are you up to this weekend?  More sanding and painting for me (I’ll share the project soon) and hopefully a movie night with the hubby!

Have a great one!


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