Oh hey.

Insta-friday, I have neglected you, but I have not neglected Instagramming (I’m jenanninga if you want to follow).

I love instagram.  It’s quick, easy, beautiful, and inspiring.

I love how it makes me treasure simple moments and inspires me through the special moments of others.

On that note, please follow @joyprouty on Instagram . . . you will thank me . . . you will also basically know every childhood dream I ever had because she is LIVING THEM!

Anyway, here are a hod podge of instas from the last few weeks.  I’m linking up with Life.Rearranged, so head on over and check her out as well . . . Oh, and buy the twinkle lights she links to because they are amazing.  I did!


We had a lovely vacation in Yosemite and this was the view . . . from our TENT!  Amazing.

Also amazing is our little Elle. She is basically this happy all. the. time.  I do not exaggerate.

i18 i17

Baking with mom is one of Addie’s new favorites and it is sort of mine too.

Also, their room.  I love it.  I cleaned it this day . . . well at least the half you can see.





i16 i15

Our bedroom, however, has been temporry quarters for child #2 for the past 9 months.  She takes her afternoon naps in here and starts her nights in here because an unnamed toddler takes FOREVER to go to sleep.  I was tired of stepping around the Pack ‘n’ Play and too lazy to put it away twice a day, so this is the temporary solution. In 816 square feet, we are always rearranging.

And then there is the unnamed toddler.  She is a passionate and persistent one, which has its difficulties and its wonders.

i14 i13

Littlest one can sit up in a cart now and it is pretty much the cutest.

Also the cutest are those buns . . . the hair buns to be more specific.

i12 i11

I love the relationship between this girl and her Daddy. Everything we discuss she has to tell daddy, everything she accomplishes she has to show daddy.  He teaches her special things, like the art of peanut cracking.  she was so proud.

I am in love with all of the unfinished wood thingys at Michael’s.  I want them all.  So, I bought one for a buck and made this because, again, 816 square feet . . . and knocking delivery men.

i10 i9


This photo of me gardening in a dress caused a bit of a stir, so allow me to clarify.  Yes, I garden.  Yes, I often garden with a child on my back.  No, I do not typically garden in a dress.  We were headed out for a drive to some apple farms (So, a gingham dress was necessary, obvs.), but I wanted to get our lettuce plants in the ground first.  Lettuce plants that I do believe are already dying.  Fail.

Not a fail is the chair upgrade in our backyard. They don’t really fit  perfectly since they are designed for World Market chairs and these are old school chairs I got for free, but they work and I can alter them, and they were $4.50 per chair!  I have big, grand plans for this section of the patio, but I’m lacking the cash flow.  I am content with this and have been using this area a ton!

i8 i7

Well, summer is officially over in the sense that I have begun working again.  Two days a week I teach online classes.  I begin at 6:45 am.  I teach 5 classes.  While part of me wants to grumble and imagines all the time I would have for other things if I didn’t have to teach, I am humbled and awed that I have been blessed with this opportunity.  I mean, I DON’T HAVE TO LEAVE MY HOUSE to go to work.  That is HUGE!

Addie has also started “school”, basically this means that I am increasingly intentional with her play time and we take some time here and there to do very specific learning activities. You may think this is ridiculous with a two-year-old, but girl knows all her colors, shapes, letters, memorizes songs, books, and Bible verses easily, talks in paragraphs, can legitimately count, understands abstract concepts, and remembers everything I ever say.  So, she needs a challenge!

Elle, however, is content to swing.  She is also adorable.

i5 i4

You. Guys.  This dollhouse.  It was mine.  It was my favorite.  Peaked roof rooms?  A balcony on the roof? Chimmneys, scalloped shingles, a staircase? My dream home!  I am redoing it for Addie.  It will be her Christmas gift.  I told hubby, “I am going to decorate it the way I would decorate our house if I was brave, so it will be awesome!”  I plan to do it all for free, but there will be painting, “wall-papering”, furniture upcycling and more.  Be prepared for more posts on this bad boy.


I leave you with these two photos.  Sweet Ellery spent a lot of time crying last night because a certain older sister didn’t go to bed.  Instead, this certain older sister did some climbing and got into the diaper bag.  Then proceeded to smear lip gloss on the wall and in her hair and to drink hand sanitizer.  Mom and Dad had to wash her hair in the sink  (and again this morning) and call Poison control and then pump her full of juice and cookies and observe her for an hour.  All the while enduring numerous tantrums resulting from exhaustion.  816 square feet is not conducive to sound-proofing a baby’s room.  So Ellery had to get up as well . . . BUT she said “Mama”.  It has been, “Dadadadadadada” all the live long day until that moment . . . and since, but I heard it . . . distinctly.  So, it was worth it.


I decided to take today easy and to make it a good day after last night’s shenanigans.  We turned the praise music up real loud and baked muffins (which Addie refused to eat, ha) and it was a good morning.i2 i1


Phew . . . that was a lot.  You are officially caught up.  What have you been up to?  Any toddler shenanigans in your life?  If not, I have plenty more to share . . . like the fact that my daughter has been not-napping for the past two hours and has torn her room apart . . . in fact . . . I better go . . .


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