{Yosemite Vacation 2014}

I love Yosemite.  I always have.

I grew up visiting there almost every Spring break. Hiking up waterfalls, eat lunch on the banks of alpine lakes.  It was heaven to me.

I feel so blessed to be able to continue this tradition with our family!

I got up early one morning and used both my phone and laptop in an attempt to book a campsite in the valley (the book within seconds) and – Praise the Lord – I got one!

This was our view.
























Literally.  We sat watching the sun rise over the top of half dome while eating breakfast and we watched the glow of the sun fade on the face of half dome while eating dinner.  It was magical.

There was river access AT our campsite.  Scott could sit in a chair a few feet from me sipping his coffee while he watched Addie splash in the water (since that is pretty much ALL she wanted to do).


I know this pic is washed out, but HER EYES!  I can never really explain their color to people, so I love this pic!


_MG_3267     _MG_3360



Early mornings by the water.


This about sums her up. _MG_3348 

Oh you know, just chillin’ in my pack ‘n’ play, watching the sun set on Half Dome._MG_3346 

We found Ellery Lake! Of course, we had to get some photos of our own little Ellery there.

_MG_3342 _MG_3336 _MG_3334

 I brought only books and crayons, but they were pretty much only used in the car.  The girl dug in the dirt, splashed in the water, and hiked with the best of them.

We made sandwiches and packed snacks for our outings and cooked on our camping stove (a wedding present) in the mornings and evenings.

We all slept in one tent.

We could have stayed all day at Lake Tenaya and we probably will the next time we visit!IMG_3330 IMG_3312 _MG_3303

Her shirt, her smile, the sunshine, the water . . . I love everything about this._MG_3301 

I remember, before Addie was born, I worried that she wouldn’t share my passion obsession for the outdoors and beautiful places, and trees, trees, trees.  I worried for no reason.  She sat excitedly each morning, waiting for the sun to rise and would warn us, “Here it comes! The sunrise’s coming!”

_MG_3298 _MG_3295 

My wild little wilderness girl.

_MG_3290 _MG_3278

We had an impromptu photo shoot and Addie was less than cooperative until we bribed her with Ice Cream. Please note the difference in her expression.

_MG_3394  _MG_3371


Wait . .


for it!


It was a blast and I can’t wait to go back again! Where is your favorite vacation spot? Do you prefer hiking and roughing it or a resort by the ocean?  Personally, give me mountains, and rivers, and tall trees!



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