{The Daily}

Well, hello there.



Yes, it has been awhile . . . again, but I sorta like it that way.  Just me and my girls and my man and our sweet little home in our sweet little town.

Life is busy, but in a simple sort of way. That is beginning to change as we near the start of the school year and my online teaching responsibilities begin.

Here is a peek into some of the things that make up our daily:



-laundry washed and on the line, dishes, wash the kitchen and bathroom floors, clean all surfaces in kitchen and bathroom. Water the plants, rake up the weeds in the front yard, collect eggs, tidy up the backyard, paint a board to hang hooks from, attach hooks, hang on outdoor wall, breakfast, lunch, dinner, naps, Bible study, lesson plan, send work e-mails, complete online reviews, spend some time on online job #3, frame a picture, make important phone calls, make the bed, work on potty training, read books with kids, color, paint outside, baths, host women’s Bible study.



– laundry, change Addie’s sheets, water all the plants, put soil in garden beds, collect eggs.  Let Addie paint outside, more lesson plans and e-mails, make baby food, wash the outside of the window, go for a walk and to the park, rock fussy baby.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner, plant pumpkins, put away laundry, Bible study. Tacos with friends and a movie in the backyard.



– work in the garden, read with kids, paint with Addie. Collect eggs, laundry on the line.  Cook all meals, naps, Bible study, lesson plans, Online jobs. Put laundry away, make bed, continue potty-training. Wash dishes, put dishes away, play outside, Bible study. Plant seeds. Read five pages of a book for fun! Time with hubby.



– breakfast, laundry, gardening, paint a coffee table I got for free to use outside.  Clean kitchen, pack a lunch.  Head to Barn with kids and brother and cousins.  Attempt naps, work online (lesson planning, writing reviews, job #3). Scour craigslist for freebies. Play Duplos. Blog. Shoo the cats away that have recently been heckling the chickens. Make meals, including dinner for eight and more baby food.


It’s a busy life.  Often, a repetitive life.  But, it is repetition that I love.  Truly it is such a beautiful, wonderful life. Despite the difficulties and exhaustion that accompanies motherhood are so many tiny moments of ordinary wonder.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Appreciate your daily.  Treasure it.  Focus on the positives or the negatives just might steal your joy.




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