{Adventure Themed Baby Shower}

I threw an impromptu gender-neutral baby shower this weekend.  As in, the invitations went out one week before the shower.

Due to various circumstances that was all the notice that was possible and all the time we had to plan. In fact, I can’t even tell you who it was for!

However, it was so fun to plan and prepare for.  I wish I could just plan parties for a living.

Thankfully, I was able to host and decorate the party with things I already had on hand or made using items I already possessed.

I created the invitations on picmonkey as usual. Then, I mailed them in my favorite, inexpensive brown envelopes from Michael’s.  I like using fun colored pens and big, cute fonts on the envelope, along with the occasional ink stamp.

I made numerous word art items using picmonkey and adventure-themed phrases that I stole from the internet.

Then, I pulled together any items in my stash that fit the color scheme!

Some gingham fabric, a lace tablecloth, napkins and paper straws I have been hoarding. Notecards, leftover decorations from Addie’s first birthday party.  Random furniture from my house and my mother-in-law’s house.

I made some additional decorations using scrapbook paper, cardstock, baker’s twine, traditional twine, stick on letters, and window crayons.  It was a blast and turned out great!

My awesome girlfriends helped out with food and some extra flowers and all I had to do the day of was set up, make coffee, take photos, and clean up.

I love throwing parties for friends and am so glad that I have another shower to plan for October!



We wrote encouraging notes for the mama to read during her baby’s first year.



_MG_3028 _MG_3031 _MG_3032 _MG_3033 _MG_3034

Hubby made adorable mini cupcake stands for party favors.



_MG_3035 _MG_3037 _MG_3039


Sunflowers (later adorned with green hydrangeas) and a guessing game of “baby” spoken in different languages.



Shower curtain photo booth, pom poms, and paper straws.




Iron-on, adventure-themed onesies.


_MG_3044 _MG_3045 _MG_3046

Delicious breakfasty goodness made by my friends!  Literally, all I did was heat up syrup.




_MG_3047 _MG_3048


We took some awesome group shots, but the pregnancy hasn’t been officially announced and I don’t want to steal anyone’s thunder, so I leave you with this adorable shot.  You’re welcome.

Time to plan for he next one.  Hooray!


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