Um . . . ya.  Hi.

It’s been awhile.

I have this thing.

When I am really busy, I can manage a lot and I do a lot and I multi-task like no one’s business.  Then, when life slows down (like, no online teaching during the summer months), I suddenly let go of EVERYTHING!

So, that is why it has been silent here.  And, I’m not gonna lie . . . it was really nice . . . and I’ll probably do it again.

But , I had to share a six-month update on our little one.  She is at such a fun stage!

My husbands go-to comment about Ellery when other people comment on her cuteness is, “If you weren’t planning on having kids yet, then don’t hang out with her!”

She is just a bundle of sweetness.  She rarely cries unless she is overly exhausted or very hungry.

Oh, and we have been so focused on her mild manner and sweetness and have assumed she will be this meek little angel all of her life.  However, I caught a glimpse of something strong about her at her 6-month check up.  She got 3 shots.  She didn’t make a sound.  Her face got red and her body went a little rigid, but she never made a peep.  The nurse was shocked.  My girl has a silent strength and I love imagining what characteristic that will develop into as she grows and matures!



(I am so not one of those, “Oh my daughter is 30 months,” people, but for the sake of these comparison photos, I am sticking to months for Addie).

_MG_2781 _MG_2807 _MG_2815 _MG_2794 _MG_2795


One thought on “{6 MONTHS}

  1. Oh man, my daughter was the complete opposite when she was little. She cried ALL THE TIME. haha! She’s much happier now but she still has those moments sometimes.

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