It’s friday again.  My favorite.

Big sis has her two-year check-up today and we are having some craft time with some friends.  Mommy’s friends.  Yay for me.

Then, the weekend will be filled with organizing, a car show (early Dad’s day celebration for the hubs) and a night out for hubby and I (Our first without the kids since Ellery was born).

But, let’s take a moment to reflect on the week. I’m linking up with Life Rearranged to share our simple days through the lens of instagram (I’m jenanninga).

It’s been a quiet one around here.  We’ve stayed home most days except for a few errands.  I was really trying to work on little one’s sleep schedule.  And, you know what?  It paid off.  The last three nights she has slept 11 hours, then 12, then 12.5.  Consecutively.  Two of the nights she had a short wake up and cried, but stopped after ten minutes or less!


These three.  I love them.  I love how he plays with them when he comes home from work.  I love how she says, “Where’s my Daddy go?”  I love how he makes ga-ga faces at the littlest one.  I couldn’t have asked for a better father to our children.



So I am totally one of those moms who thinks her child is all advanced and a prodigy and all that.  I have no other child to compare her to, but I feel like drawing a circle with legs and arms and eyes and a mouth is sorta impressive for a two-year-old.  Also, today she was drawing “snowmen”, which involved a circle, a smile, two carefully placed dots for eyes, stick arms, and a top hat.




The chickens ruined our flowers.  The first flowers that I have kept alive for longer than two weeks.  Oh well.  They do give us eggs, although they’ve been a bit stingy this week.  I think a chicken-run project is in our near future.





Addie gets more and more into being with her sister as Ellery keeps growing.  Ellery basically idolizes Addie and thinks she is the most hilarious person in the world.  I popped inside to grab a toy for Ellery and told Addie to keep an eye on her.  When I came out they were like this . . . telling secrets.



I have been having fun doing the toddler’s hair.  Honestly, if it is not pulled back from her face she spends all day eating it and then it gets sticky from peanut butter and yogurt.  So, I have to do something to it.  When I want to do braids I just tell her that I am giving her hair like Anna and Elsa and she is pretty compliant. Books always help as well.



I’ve decided to take all of the plain white onesies that I have left from Addie and upcycle them for Elle.  Some cute phrases and designs and some iron on paper and waa-laa.  So far I have made two, but I already have a bunch of other designs created for the bigger size onesies.



Then, I made this little discovery.  Our second child.  The one who shocked us with her blonde hair and blue eyes.  The one we joked about not being ours . . . happens to be my twin.   Even the pose . . . I love it!



How was your week?  Any great weekend plans?  Make it a good one!


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