{Who I Want to be}

” Her children arise and call her blessed . . .”

This phrase is a fairly familiar one to many of us.

The proverbs 31 woman.  The woman who works diligently, loves the Lord, and is honored by her children and husband.

Why are they calling her blessed?  Why?

I finished The Shaping of a Christian Family by Elisabeth Elliott the other day and it got me thinking.

Well, all of it has had me thinking throughout its entirety, but something began niggling at my brain the other day.

At the end of the book she discusses the different things she and her siblings said about their mother at her funeral service.

They remarked on things such as these:

consistency, unfailing availability as a mother, her love of her husband, obedient to Bible’s call to godly womanhood, practiced hospitality, unreserved surrender to the Lord of herself and her children; her teaching on how to be a lady, how to discipline herself and her children; her reading books to her children, singing as she rocked the children to sleep, her daily devotions . . .

It made me think about what I would want my children to say about me. I realized I would want these things.

However, if I want them to speak these words about me, then I need to be practicing these things.  I need to be molding myself into this type of woman.  I need to be spending my time on these traits.

Do I want to be remembered for my ability to decorate my home well, the fact that I dressed “in fashion”, the fun themed parties I threw?  These things may be in my children’s memory, but I want the deeper things to stand out more.

I want to be the nice old lady with words of wisdom for younger moms.  I want to be the mom whose children love and adore her and who seek her out in good times and in trying times.

But, I won’t just automatically become that.  What I am doing now will impact who I am in the future.

So, I need to be purposeful with what I am doing now.  I need to focus my heart and my mind on the right things.

Because, ultimately, I know who I want to be.  I pray that God will grant me the grace and strength to become her.


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