{Small Changes}

A tight budget makes it difficult to make home updates.

Small changes are the perfect way to freshen up your home without spending money.

My kitchen is a place that I spend a lot of time in.  Unfortunately, it is a narrow galley style and is completely separated from any other room.  It has the least light and a “retro” (ahem) brown, patterned floor.

So, when I get tired of it, I make small changes by shopping my house or creating something new with things I already own.

We have this area above the stove that has housed wooden spoons, spatulas, and cooking oil.  I found myself not using the oil very often and having to constantly clean off the mason jars that held the spoons.


I grabbed an old tin tray that I had painted with chalkboard paint a year or so ago.  By placing it on the wire rack and adding some fun blue and yellow accents, I freshened up a boring and stagnant space. It will distract me from the floor . . . for a bit.

Oh, and the new teapot from my mama doesn’t hurt either.


I’m sure a few more small changes will need to take place soon!



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