Hey, Friday.  I’m glad you’re here.

I’m linking up again with Life. Rearranged!


It’s been quiet on the blog over here.  I’ve barely had my computer on all week. A big change from the past month of three online jobs. The pace has been a bit slower around here, and I am more than okay with that.

The pace is so slow, that these are the thrilling texts my hubby receives from me while he is at work. Related: I was not impressed with the Wubanub until we stopped swaddling the wee one.  Now, I could kiss it!



We were all about projects last weekend.  I am the type of person who thrives on busyness.  Hence, the silence on the blog when I am less busy.  The more I HAVE to do, the more I am ABLE to do.  It makes no sense.  Must be an adrenaline thing.  So, last weekend we made a few signs, I painted and hung four frames outside, hung a sign outside, painted a frame and glued a bulletin board to it to make an earring display for my room, and did some sewing . . . during one nap.  See what I mean.  All or nothing.  Related: I am not a perfectionist, so there’s that.


We made banana, walnut muffins!  Yum,  Then I covered them in powdered-sugar icing to get the big girl to eat them, which she did.  The tops of them anyway.  At least she ate some banana while we were baking and looked really good in an apron. #toddlerfoodstrike


Special times with my girl.  She has been asking me to make her things: bows, dresses.  Of course I oblige!  Sometimes it is silly and sometimes it is something she can really wear, like the maxi skirt I made her out of one of my old shirts!



It has been really warm here all week, so we made the trek to the park.  Ellery napped in the stroller and Addie enjoyed the swing. It is seriously her all time fave thing to do.  I’ve always loved a good swing. It must be genetic.


Shipped two signs this week!  The LOVE sign will be used as a headboard and the HOME sign went all the way to Massachusetts! It was so fun making these.  Best of all was having my husband help.  He is so supportive and even gets excited about these projects.  That’s a good man!

in8 in7

You. Guys.  One more week of teaching class online and then SUMMER. I will still be doing prep and another online job, but it will all be on my own schedule.  I’m definitely looking forward to it.  Related:  Three months sans paycheck.


Our growth group is pretty much the best.  We have hosted a growth group through our church for almost four years now.  Some of the original members are still in it, but new couples have been added or moved away over the years.  God always blesses it and we have the best couples and the most fun.  This night we did a potluck of breakfast for dinner.  It was super warm, so we spent the majority of the evening outside.  Also, someone in our group is FINALLY expecting!  it is a young marrieds’ group and so far we are the only ones with kiddos.  Needless to say, I am thrilled!


She skips her nap often.  This particular day we went to Target for a reprieve from the heat.  She fell asleep on the way and didn’t even wake up when I unbuckled her. A blanket on the bottom of the cart allowed her to finish her cat nap.  Hilarious.


Puzzles and tummy time.


As I’ve mentioned, it has been hot.  Like 104 degrees hot.  I live on the Central Coast where people to do not understand weather above 70 degrees or other abnormalities, such as rain. So, I was sort of annoyed by everyone complaining about the heat on social media.  It was three days of heat.  THREE DAYS.  And there is a beach, and air conditioned stores, and cold beverages. It really wasn’t the end of the world. I made a watermelon slushie and sat in the shade and it wasn’t bad at all.



Even Ellery handled the heat like a champ.So did Addie.  I think they have my NorCal blood.  Elle had her best day of sleep in forever in the heat!  I didn’t have to spend ridiculous amounts of time rocking her and she STAYED asleep once asleep.  I was so very thankful. Related: She is back to sleeping 8-10 hour chunks at night.  They begin at 6:30 or 7, but it is still marvelous.



This is where you will find us this weekend. Oh, and celebrating a certain little one’s 2 year old birthday!  What?!


Is it hot where you are?  Is there still snow on the ground?

Have a wonderful weekend!


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