{Pinned it . . . Did it}

Welcome to Pinned it . . . Did it!

I am always pinning stuff.  Can I get an Amen?

However, I like to actually use my pins, whether that means cooking something new, completing a big project, or reading an interesting article.

And, the thing is, that I actually do use a lot of what I pin.  However, I am really bad at sharing what I’ve done.

So, I am going to start sharing the projects I have completed or recipes that I have tried.  I’ll let you know my thoughts on the final product.

We’ve been doing a lot of work in our yard.  I laugh about it because our house in 816 square feet and the front-yard is a dirt patch, so we probably seem like delinquents, but our backyard is awesome!  Our neighbors don’t see it, but we get to enjoy it!

I was inspired by this pin.


A few weeks ago we did a simple projectL recovering a vintage card table of my grandparents.  The table was red and I loved it, but it had a tear on it.  So, I took an old outdoor tablecloth that had been partially torn by our dog and had hubby recover our table.  It was a pretty easy process.

1. Remove table top (ours was attached with screws)

2. Optional: spray paint table legs to freshen up.

3. Lay tablecloth face down on a flat surface (check for dirt or leaves that could get stuck between the cloth and the table).

4. Pull tight and staple with a staple gun.

5. Reattach table top.


The result?  I love it.  We might even recover the chairs as well.  However, next time I would use a more durable outdoor tablecloth.  This one was about $3 and probably won’t last too long if we use it a lot.


My pictures are super washed out because it was mid-afternoon on a sunny 97 degree day, but I had a a small window of time during my daughters’ nap times.  I could have staged it and made it look awesome and blog-worthy, but in the wise words of some random and incredibly wells-spoken person, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

What have you been pinning and doing? I’d love to hear about your successful projects or even your funny Pinterest fails!


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