{4 months}

Ellery Faith.

Still has strawberry-blondeish hair and bright blue eyes.

Still a sweet pea.

Having some serious sleep regression issues and I am majorly sleep-deprived.  We are working on some problem-solving right now, but nothing will be fixed immediately.  I am trying to be patient! But, patience is hard when one is exhausted.

Can’t believe she is 4 months old!





Now, this is a belly laugh!  Grab that gut, girl, grab it!








I love how she smiles with her entire body.  she almost fell over here!

I_MG_2387 _MG_2391

Girls got skillz.


Serious concentration, folks!

_MG_2396 _MG_2398

Why yes, I let my toddler play outside in white pants.  Also, their noses . . . and chins.  sisters.

_MG_2401 _MG_2404


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