{23 months}

I have loved taking photos of my daughter every month since her birth.

I will finish this “project” next month when she turns two, and then the monthly formal photo shoots will end. I will still take photos and I will still try to intentionally take some “special” shots every few months. However, there is a new little one who needs monthly photos! Sometimes I am able to capture them both together, and that is special as well.

So, here is Addison at 23 months.


She is the definition of FUN! She loves to be outdoors: climbing, digging, running, playing in the water, chasing the chickens, jumping off the retaining wall. She is a go-getter.




One of her new favorite activities is climbing onto my husband’s stomach and jumping onto him. He cracks up when she does it. This wild and crazy side is one part of her. Then, there is the thoughtful, curious, intelligent side. The side that allows her to memorize and recite songs and verses. The side that results in her quietly reading by herself or coloring or playing with playdough or painting.



She loves her friends as well. She talks about them a lot. she loves visiting animals. she just loves life.

Her relationship with her baby sister is blossoming and it is fun to see.

Two-years-old here we come!


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