{This and That}

It’s a busy month around here. I have many thoughts and plans and tons of STUFF going on. Here’s a peek into life as we know it. Oh, and a peek at our first attempt at a family pic with ALL of us . . . using a tripod. On manual, with automatic focus. Oops. should have done manual focus and the automatic setting. Oh well, live and learn! At least this is proof that we have two daughters!

funny hat

1. The months of April and May are birthday party craziness. So many of our friends all had babies at the same time and we have been to a birthday party almost every single weekend, with more to come.

2. I am working three online jobs (not including the reviews I write for a mommy blog). It is very hard. Cut to me standing up with the ergo on and one hand holding in a pacifier, while wearing a headset and typing with the other hand as I teach grammar online. Or picture me nursing a babe while grading essays online of four hour straight while Jack and the Neverland Pirates plays in the background. It’s stressful, but we really need the money for my four month summer break from teaching online. I am striving to be grateful and just keep my eye on the prize. Two more weeks of this craziness and then it is down to two online jobs. Then, two more weeks and only one online job.


3. Our wonderful sleeper has determined that she must be attached to me to sleep and attached to me while sleeping. However, I do not always comply. There is another child in this home, after all. Oh, and dishes and my husband and a million other things. So, I’m exhausted. The end. Also, Ellery shrieks and screeches in the most high-pierced, frantic, I’m-being-stabbed-in-the-eye voice when she is overtired. So, there’s that.

4. I am aching for mountains and rivers and lakes and trees. I get like this every few months. I live in a coastal town, but I am a mountain and meadows and waterfalls kind of girl. That is why I am thrilled that we will be camping IN Yosemite Valley in August. I woke up early and had my laptop and phone both ready to reserve a campsite as soon as the reservations opened (They sell out in seconds) and I got one! My laptop was too slow, but my good old smartphone did the trick! However, August is much too far away. I need to put my toes in a babbling brook NOW!


5. I’m doing party prep here and there for Addison’s second birthday. How on earth do we have a two-year-old? What?! We are doing a Brown Bear theme (at her request) and I am excited! I love throwing parties!

6. I sold 32 hangers the other day. That is an example of how many clothes I have purged. I am getting down to only clothes I will actually wear. If there are clothes that I am still holding onto even though I hardly wear them, I am making myself put them on. Having less options actually makes it easier to wear a greater variety because I am only keeping what I love. It is so much easier to get dressed! I had some extra money this month and Hubby gave me to go ahead to replace a few things. Post-baby clothing is tricky. I want stuff that is forgiving, easy-to-nurse in, cute, practical, comfortable. Also, some of the things I have purged I have had for over ten years. Or, they were falling apart. My poor wardrobe.

7. I have recently become obsessed with Sparkling Water.  But, it is $1 per bottle, so I rarely splurge.  Yes, I consider that a splurge. HA!

8. I’m hungry.  Always.  My breakfast and lunches (when they occur) exist of leftover pieces of toast with peanut butter.  A few nibble of yogurt.  Some water.  Crackers and cheese. An apple split with my toddler.  Gourmet.

As you can see, my life is enthralling!  I’ll be back this week with some fun pics from Easter and some updates on the kiddos!



2 thoughts on “{This and That}

    • This hat was from the thrift store a while back and I pulled it out, along with some ribbon, and my daughter was super interested. I figured I may never get the chance for her to wear an easter hat again, so why not?!

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