It’s Friday!  Time to link up with Life Rearranged.

I’m sharing my instagram pics!

The girls are still both asleep at 8 am!  What?!  Instead of staying in bed with them, I got up to have some much-needed time in the Word. I’m feeling refreshed, challenged, and encouraged.

My family was in town last weekend.  Whenever they come, I make Dutch Babies.  So, while hubby and the baby were snoozing, addie and I cooked and watched some episodes of The Pioneer Woman’s cooking show.  It made me envision mornings in the future, cooking with my girls.


We also had a lot of cousin time!  It was Pizza and The Curious George movie one night.  I just spread a washable tablecloth on the floor for easy clean-up!


This one is much more clingy than our first was.  She would prefer to sleep on me and in our bed at all times.  However, that is not really feasible!  However, it is very cute. However, I have a million things to do each day. However, she looks so peaceful.  However . . . you see my dilema?


The big girl wasn’t napping and the little girl was “trying” to nap and there was just too many gol darn’ things to do!  Obviously, the answer to this is to eat a GIANT piece of chocolate cake while belly-up to the counter . . . for lunch.


This girl astounds me each day.  Her imagination is growing by leaps and bounds.  One of her favorite activities is to “Draw” with a ball point pen.  She told me that she was drawing Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Captain Hook.  Sometimes she draws boats, or trees, or Brown Bear.  She even lost a sticker the other day and said that Captain Hook took it!  I love her imagination!


We had lunch with Daddy this week.  This girl was in heaven on this rocky beach.  She could have sat there all day analyzing each and every rock!


Are you proud of me?  Not every single pic was of kids!  Ha!

Today is Good Friday, and Sunday isinsta1 Easter.  Our focus will be on Christ, his sacrifice, his death, his resurrection, his salvation.  The weekend will be filled with prayerful hearts, church, an Easter potluck, and an egg hunt for the kiddos.  I’m looking forward to this time of celebration.

What are your weekend plans?


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