Hello Friday.

I love you.

I love you even more this week because my parents and my youngest brother are here.

I love you because you signify a weekend of bacon eating, shed building, party-going, church-attending, and much more!

It’s been a pretty good week for the kiddos with some ups and downs. It’s been a busy week as I work 3 + online jobs at a time!  It’s been a really hard week emotionally as well.  I’m being stretched as I work to be a comfort to those I love dearly. But, God is good.  God is faithful. Always. Always.

Right now, my family is playing Liar’s Dice in the other room, so I’ll make this quick. (Link up @Life Rearranged for instafriday)


This girl.  I swear she is a teenager in a toddler body, and she looks it here.  She is reppin’ her Aunt Julie’s work: Not For Sale!



We were headed to a friend’s Birthday Party.  There is pretty much a two-year old birthday party for a month straight.  We were part of a big baby boom at our church last year. HA!  Poor second baby had to be woken from a dead sleep in order for us to make it on time.  It’s rough being the second-born.



I teach grammar in the mornings and I think it was a bit much for Ellery.  “Predicate-what, mama?”



Selfies.  Ugh.  I was trying to capture the baby sleeping on me, the sunshine, and the laundry.  The sun was so bright that I couldn’t see what I looked like on the screen. Then this.  I feel awkward just looking at it.  Ha!  Baby has taken numerous naps in the Ergo this week.  Clingy, much?



I love my husband.  I worked a four hour online shift on Wednesday and he came home from a busy day of work and was immediately in charge of the toddler.  He fed her dinner, brushed her teeth, readied her for bed and put her down.  He then swooped a screaming baby from my arms, put in the Ergo (again) and made the two of us dinner.  Did I mention that I love him?




And then this happened while he was watching Addie.  I told him that she needs more Daddy-only time because I probably wouldn’t have let this happen and then we wouldn’t have these hilarious pics!



Hope your week was fun, and if not, then at least it is done!

Have a fabulous weekend. Do something awesome!



7 thoughts on “{insta-love}

  1. I love this post on so many levels. Love the photo of your little girl with the chicken! Sure wish we had chickens in our back yard but they have been banned in our city. I love how your husband helped you out after a tough day for both of you. That’s a good man! And I love how you describe your toddler as like a teenager – our daughter is also a teenager trapped inside a four-year-old 🙂 It’s a good life, I like your take on it.

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