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Do you love Pinterest?  I do.

I mean, I love it, but sometimes hate it. Ya know?  I hate that I have 5 bajillion recipes on my COOK board, which prevents me from ever being able to find the ONE that I want.

I love that I can look up inspiration.  I hate when I see something that I came up with on my own, in my own head, and I think, “Now everyone will think I got it from Pinterest!”

But, overall, it is fun to have a place to be inspired and to share inspiration. A few of my personal projects have been pinned . . . and repinned a number of times.  I thought I would share with you a few links to my MOST PINNED PAGES! These links will take you to the pin, then click on it to get to the blog post!

Enjoy, and follow me on Pinterest if you want!

Pallet Sign

Girls’ Room

Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Spice Bread

Tips on Taking Meals to New Moms

Easy DIY Soap Pouches

First Birthday Party

BBQ chic Baby Shower

Date Jar

Simple Pallet Sign

Fall Wreath


In addition, here are three of my favorite pins from this week!


Truth.  Truth that my family needs right now.


Every. Single. Pair. in this shop!


I love this!  We have chickens that we use for our eggs.  It is nice to know that I can use the shells as well!

How do you feel about Pinterest?  Love it?  Hate it? Both?



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