I have this goal to write down all of the Pinterest recipes that I like and plan to use again.  That way, I can clean up my Pinterest recipe board.  It is getting out of hand, people!

So, I created a fun little recipe card.  You can save this image and print it out on 4 x 6 cards to use for your own recipes.  I think it will make your meals taste better, ha!

recipe card.jpg



Pssst . . . what is your go-to “easy” meal.  Ours is grilled cheese and tomato soup.  So delish, so simple, so fast!  Actually, my hubby usually makes it.  Even better!


One thought on “{recipes}

  1. So cute! I have one board on Pinterest called “made and enjoyed” but I also have recipe cards that I write out on, because I hate having to pull out my phone to look them up! Our go to is quesadillas – stuffed with Cowboy Cavier from Trader Joes (has beans and corn already in the salsa… Yummy and easy!)

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