{For Him}

When I decorate, I take my husband into consideration.

I shared this printable with you a few weeks back, and here it is in our kitchen.

I made this little “coffee station” for hubby.

He is the coffee drinker in our family  (I have decaf now and then, but mostly rely on Costco Mocha Mix to see me through the day). He has been using this french press lately, rather than the large coffee maker we own. So, I painted an old frame with some leftover grey paint from a sample paint container.  Then, I popped the printable in and hung it over this galvanized bucket that contains his coffee jar and his french press.

Whenever I decorate, whether it be making new pillows or curtains, purchasing a big piece of furniture, or painting something, I always check in with hubby.  I value his opinion and I also want him to feel at home in this small space we call ours.  I want him to feel comfortable and relaxed.  Maybe that means I can’t plaster my walls in Katie Daisy prints.  Maybe it means that I can’t have a flowery bedspread.  Maybe it means the piano remains unpainted. That’s ok.  This house is ours, not mine.

This little coffee station was a fun opportunity for me to bless my husband with something simple and I love it, too. Win-win!

_MG_2075 _MG_2078 _MG_2079

How do you decorate?  Is your husband opinionated about home decor?  Mine is not, but often has good suggestions or requests!


3 thoughts on “{For Him}

  1. Bart is super creative and always has some awesome ideas. I love that you consider Scott’s ideas. I find it strange when women don’t consider their husband’s thoughts on decorating the home because they have to live there too!

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