{You Know . . .}

We live in a college town.  A small college town.  A very small college town.

So, there are some challenges and some funny moments.  Here are a few. Welcome to my world.

You know you live in a college town when . . .

1. You are scared by the sight of unguarded tractors being left in your neighborhood during the commencement of finals week

2. The fear of #1 comes from the fact that college students drove into your front yard during the middle of the night one time.

3. You see an average of 5-10 shirtless boys on a daily basis.

4. “For rent” signs are a common sight in EVERY. SINGLE. NEIGHBORHOOD.

5. Rental prices are ridiculously high and rentals are extremely gross .(See #4)

6. You get much of your news from reading the carvings/paintings on the hillside behind campus.

7. Your weekend dates involve watching some sort of college sporting event.

8. St. Patrick’s day begins at 6 am.

9. You’ve seen numerous “Walks of Shame.”

10. Large groups of people walking down your street in the middle of the night doesn’t even phase you.

11. Your neighbors give you letters of warning before having a party.  You know, to prevent you from calling the cops.

12. Couches on roofs?  Futons strung from trees? Ping pong tables or plywood on sawhorses in the front yard?  Totally acceptable.

13. You feel the need to throw a blanket around the majority of the girls you see around town, because, well, you thought maybe they forgot a piece of clothing.

14.  There are at least three coffee shops on every street.

15. You tend to hibernate and come out in summer when the students are GONE!

But, really.  We love our little college town.  We love going to the football games.  We are blessed with pretty mellow neighbors.  In fact, I worry more about our chickens bothering them, than them bothering us!


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