{22 months}

Each month brings with it new challenges and new moments of wonder.

This month my daughter has challenged me in her eagerness for independence, her desire to have her own way, her refusal to eat most foods, and a tendency to skip naps here and there.

Yet, what are those challenges in the grand scheme of childhood?  They are small.  They are typical.  They are my opportunity to teach and mold her and to offer love, grace, and discipline. Yes, they are hard, but I am trying to focus on the purpose and the fruit rather than wallow in the difficulties.


This month my daughter has also counted to eleven, sung the chorus and various verses of “How Great is Our God”, helped me clean up toys, given her little sister her paci when she cried, run giggling around the yard, taken some fabulous naps, said goodbye to her crib and paci for good, and so much more.

She is full of imagination and spunk, our little Addie June.

_MG_2160 _MG_2168 _MG_2180 _MG_2193 _MG_2198 _MG_2204



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