I love Fridays.

Even though there really is no weekend break for mama’s, Fridays are special.

They mean Daddy will be home (when he isn’t working a side job).  They mean family outings.  They mean fellowship and friends.

Hooray for Fridays.

I am linking up again to share my week.  Join us or follow me on insta (I’m jenanninga)

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We spent a lot of time outside last weekend and it was lovely.  My parents were here and my dad and hubby were busy working on our shed project!

Addie was dressed to help! These overalls were mine as a child!


She’s just so cute.  I can hardly stand it.


$1 hat from Target and a sassy almost-two-year-old.  What an awesome combo.


Again . . . I can hardly stand it.


Someone has been extra clingy this week. I don’t reaaaallly mind, but I think it might be time for some more “official” nap times.


Big sis has been waking up once or twice at night here and there and sort of early in the mornings.  On Monday (the day I teach class at 6:45 am) we were all a little sleepy.


We started a chore chart.  Here is Addie “helping” me dust.


I know I am biased, but my daughter amazes me.  She is really into drawing things and then saying, “Look, mommy, Look!” This page, according to her, contains a circle, square, triangle, and the letter A.  She is only 22 months, people!


Dinners outside have begun now that the light lingers longer.  I am thrilled.  So is the dog.


Today is a grocery shopping, catch up on chores, go on a walk sort of day.  Addie’s hair was looking amazing at Food 4 Less.  Here she is chatting with the checker who came and unloaded my cart for me when she saw me with a toddler and a baby sleeping in the ergo.

She said, “You just hang out and be cozy.”

Addie observed and commented, “helping!”

“That’s what I came here for today!”

What great spirit! Thank you, food 4 less checker whose name I forgot!



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