{The List}

Do you make to-do lists?

I do.

I might not even look at it all day, but the writing of it is cathartic to me. It inspires me. It motivates me.

Last week, I wrote this list. I should probably translate it for you:

Deep clean Kitchen: wipe down counters, cabinets, and walls.

Desk Knob/Photos: I spray painted my desk and the knobs and one knob is missing (typical) and I want to finish it and take photos, so that I can show Y-O-U.

Mustang Seats: These need to be posted for sale on eBay.

TPS work: This is the online school I teach for.  We are in the throes of registration.

Smoothies: I make some ahead of time and freeze them for Addie.  (25% of the time, she even eats them. Ha!)


I was feeling so motivated!  I always feel motivated in the mornings, especially monday mornings.

However, I also teach class online from 6:45 am until 10 am those days.

So, by noon my handwritten list turned into a mental list that read: Take a Shower.

I dream big y’all.

I even sent hubby this text:  Addie is taking a nap! In other news: I have yet to take a shower and I ate a brownie for lunch.

Of course, the text actually looked like this: Addie is taking a nap! In other news: You have to take a shower and I ate a brOwnie for lunch.

Autocorrect is my nemesis.

So, what’s on your list?


2 thoughts on “{The List}

  1. “Crafts” has been on my list for three weeks in a row. Ugh! The sound of reorganizing fabric, glue, ribbon…oh gosh it so overwhelming! So instead I pin pictures of craft rooms that look pretty.

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