{This is the Stuff that Thrills me}

“This is the stuff that thrills me . . . these days” is a phrase I often say to my husband.

What is she doing that precedes such a statement, you may wonder.

Is she skydiving? Meeting famous people? Dressing up for fancy date nights out of the house? Vacationing in France?

Not quite.

This phrase is most often heard when the square-shaped kleenex is FINALLY on sale for 99 cents.  Or, perhaps Albertson’s has a great buy-one get-one deal for Pork.  Maybe I scored some clearance tennis shoes for Addison and then used a Target Cartwheel app and my Red Card to get them for under $5.  I might have cleaned the whole kitchen like some sort of housewife Avenger.

You get my drift, right?  Please, tell me I am not alone.

Oh, and I’m not kidding.  Totally not.  I get serious thrills from this.  Adrenaline pumping thrills.  That Kleenex sale made my day and I really went cuh-razy and purchased two boxes.  BOOM! How d’ya like me now?

So, tell me, what thrills you?


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