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I often link up with LifeRearranged on fridays to share my life through the lens of instagram.

Although smartphones can, at times, be a big distraction in our lives, they can also be a blessing.

Being able to capture simple, sweet, everyday moments is one of those blessings.

I love seeing and sharing these little glimpses into our world.

You can follow me on insta (I’m jenanninga), or link up with LifeRearranged.

I hope your week was lovely.  It finally began raining this week (Praise the Lord) and we are hunkering down in our cozy clothes.  There has been some Clifford watching, book reading, handprint drawing, rain listening, and sipping of warm beverages.

I’m looking forward to a cozy weekend!

I have been organizing my crochet and headband supplies and have begun making a few products.  I may re-open my etsy shop for a time or possibly sell the items to some local shops that I have worked with before.  I am hoping to make a little income to help my family during the next few months.


The weekend was lovely and we ventured out for our first hike as a family of four.  We can actually walk to this spot from our house!  It was beautiful and refreshing.  We stopped on a hillside overlooking the town for some snacks.  I can’t wait to return once the hills are green!


Here is one of the bow headbands I made.  This is the large size, which looks slightly ridiculous and very much adorable on my little Ellery’s two-month-old head.


We ran some errands early in the week while the weather was still nice. Addie was rocking a crocheted headband at Costco.  So many people commented on how cute she looked in her headband. Of course, I agree wholeheartedly.  Also, her shirt.  It says “Wonderful” and she requests it.


This one.  Her smiles are so perfect.  Her whole face lights up.  Those blue eyes sparkle and squint and her head wiggles.

It is my favorite.


We were blessed in a neat way this week.  I often write reviews for a popular mom blog.  It pays a tiny bit and here and there I get to keep a product to review.  This time, there were some big products being reviewed.  Products that I sorta really wanted.  So, I put my name in as someone interested in completing the review and was chosen.  What a blessing to our family!  We received this Rockaroo baby swing to review.  This came after multiple comments from hubby that we should borrow someone’s swing for Ellery since she sometimes struggles to fall asleep if not being rocked in my arms.  God is good, isn’t he?


Then there was this.  She wanted to wear my crocheted cowl.  I let her.  The result was a 21-month-old who looks like a stylish teenager.  Thankfully, she hasn’t completely surpassed me with her stylishness.  After all, she was wearing knee-high white socks under her Toms.  Phew!


What were your favorite moments from the week?


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