{The Great Chicken Mystery of 2014}

You may remember when we lost one of our baby chicks to a predator.

That event led to us getting a dog.

Which, led to holes in the lawn, three chewed up dog beds, and our daughter having a BFF!

Losing that chick also led to us having a total of five chickens.

Five chickens who have regularly been laying eggs (we get about 4 per day: 3 brown and 1 green).

Well, the other day while I was busy keeping two children alive and happy, I noticed one of the chickens lying on the ground in the coop . . . not moving.

I tried not to panic because sometimes they like to dig little nests in the dirt to hang out in.

An hour passed . . . then another . . . no movement.

I texted my fears to my husband and went to investigate.

Now, I will try not to be too gruesome, but the chicken was dead! With an open wound!

The mysterious part is that the coop was locked and there were no signs of a spot where an animal could have entered.

I observed another one of our chickens, who I now refer to as the cannibal, pecking at the dead chicken and kicking it.

Could this have been an inside job, I wondered?!

Well, I frantically called my husband and asked him what to do.

There was no way I was removing the dead chicken, especially since I was babywearing at the moment.

So, I opened the coop to let the living chickens out and then locked it behind them.

I still am confused . . . and sad . . . and wary of the cannibal.

Has anyone else ever experienced something like this with their chickens?!

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