{Taking Time}

I’ve been taking time to rest this past week:

My mom has been in town for almost a week.

She has been playing with Addie and cleaning and driving us around.

It has been wonderful.

I have been spending more time on the couch . . . resting . . . finally.

I’ve been taking time to organize this past week:

A pile of things and two bags of clothes to Goodwill.

Baby clothes separated by size and placed neatly in drawers.

I’ve been taking time to for fun this past week:

The Barn with cousins.

A movie with my daughter.

Donuts and coffee.


Seeing the 30,000 + Monarch Butterflies at Monarch Grove.

Visiting the beach with the fam for some sunshine and fresh air.

We found a beautiful spot between some lovely, twisted trees.

The kids climbed trees and dug in the sand. Ellery slept on a blanket in the sand.  We watched the wave.

It is my new favorite “secret” beach spot.

I want to take some “official” family photos there, so I played around with a few locations and snapped some quick shots just for fun!

Just give her sand and a bucket and she is thrilled.  In fact, just the sand would be enough!

Those eyes!

This boy was a tree climbing machine!

This man.  Mmmm mmmmm.

I instructed my mom on the manual setting of my camera and she did a pretty good job!

Family! So thankful they live close by.

Again. Love him.

What a lovely week and weekend it was. 


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