{Glimpses of Christmas}

I planned on making the photos of my Christmas decor all fancy and stuff.

I planned on writing lots of helpful info on how I made and where I found my Christmas decor.

But, I am 39 weeks pregnant and there are only about twenty minutes left of my daughter’s nap and I still need to dust, vacuum, clean the bathroom, make a batch of laundry detergent, wash the dishes from this morning, start the second round of wash for Addie’s diapers, and a million other things.

So, instead, I shot a few pics of some of our humble Christmas decor.  With an 816 square foot home, it doesn’t take much to make it feel Christmasy.  Add in the netflix Fireplace For Your Home video, some candles, twinkly lights, and Christmas music and waa laa!

Some Christmasy pillows, an old Amish quilt of my grandmother’s, and a flannel fabric scrap garland.
Willow Tree nativity set.  I got this for Christmas last year (my mom found the whole set for a steal at a consignment store!).
Felt bunting from last year, some decorative pinecones, and a chalkboard canvas with a deer silhouette drawn on.
Candles, books, pinecones, garlands.
Sparkly pinecones in a jar and a sparkly Poinsettia.

Tree scraps in a jar.

Vintage tablecloth.

Garlands and Christmas cards.

A thrifted painting sprayed with chalkboard paint, foam cones covered in sequin fabric, dollar store candles.
The tree . . . and all our presents . . . wrapped even!

I love the festive feeling of Christmas!  How do you decorate?

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