{18 months}

Our little Addison is 18 months (almost 19 months!) and a whirlwind of fun.

She loves to play with puzzles, beads, crayons, cars, and anything small that can be put into something larger.

She can do her shape puzzle, put together her animal puzzle, and match picture cards.

She can repeat any word we say, from “Hello” to “Quesadilla.”

She still loves books and will sometimes want me to read them to her for an hour at a time.

She loves brushing her teeth and wants daddy to pray with her every night.

She has her favorite foods and it can be a struggle getting her to eat anything else.

We are working on discipline and potty training.  Definitely a new stage!

She sleeps wonderfully, plays independently like a champ, and is typically a happy and fun little girl!

We love you Addie June and can’t wait to see you in your role as big sister!

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