It’s Friday!  Insta-Friday!
life rearranged
I have to say, it has been a lovely week.

Although I have been slightly stressed about the fact that I couldn’t work a single sub job this week, I have had a great time!

I have taken advantage of the time at home.

I reorganized all my kitchen drawers and cleaned them out.  I vacuumed the car.  I organized some closets.  I washed the car seat liners. I did lesson plans for two weeks from now for my online classes.  I paid bills.  I pre-registered at the hospital and paid for the baby’s birth!  I went to the bank, grocery store, gas station, and ran a few other errands. I baked cookies with my little girl.  I crocheted, watched a cheesy Christmas movie, caught up on Once Upon a Time, cleaned the house, and started reupholstering a chair.  I spent time at the dog beach and a friend’s house. PHEW!  It has been wonderful.

Oh, and Addie has been taking two and a half hour naps every day.  Score!

Our marriage retreat was so relaxing. Room service and coffee in front of a warm fire with a view of Pine trees out the window?  Yes, please!

Daddy is the king of bedtime around our house.  Baths, PJ’s, tooth-brushing, story time, prayers.  He does it all. She loves it.  If I try to pray with her, she actually requests him, “Daddy pray!”

I used a little Pinterest inspiration this week.  Cotton balls into toilet paper rolls.  She ended up playing with the “snowballs”, as I dubbed them, for quite awhile.

This dog.  He refuses to use the totally legit dog house we bought him.  He drags his blanket onto the lawn.  Then he chews it up.  Hello!  If you chew it up, you won’t have it.  Just like the water bowl you ate last night.  Yup.  He’s special.

It finally cooled down.  Rain, clouds, wind, and baby girl in a hoodie.  I love it!

I have some serious skills.  Hands-free water drinking!

Our chickens, or at least one chicken began laying perfect brown eggs.  We’ve found a total of five in the last week.

Cute.  Loves other dogs. Plays perfectly with Addie. Chews everything. Doesn’t fetch. 

It may be cool now, but it was HOT last week.  Here we are at the beach. I was in a tank.  I drank a pineapple and coconut milk smoothie.  This week?  Hot cocoa on the menu EVERY.SINGLE.DAY! Woo hoo!

How was your week?  

Hubby will be gone all day tomorrow working on a side job.  I have some more projects planned and hope to have some fun with my little girl.  I may even break out the Christmas decorations!

I hope your weekend is wonderful!


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