{Making Room}

How was your weekend?

Ours was great, busy, challenging, and productive!

Addie has had a bad cough.  Most of the day she is still in a great mood, but she definitely struggles more with her attitude and has had a few wake-ups at night.  In general, though, she is handling it well.

Hubby worked all day Saturday on a side job, which is always a bummer, but the extra income is beneficial.

Somehow we still managed to accomplish a ton!

I washed all the pillow covers and curtains in the house and all of the new baby clothes and blankets we’ve received.

Hubby broke up some pallet wood for projects, I hacked down an ugly bush in the front yard, hubby hung a roller shade in the family room, we made cookies, I chose the bedding for Addie’s big-girl bed, we ran errands and bought paint for projects, we pulled a MILLION staples out of an old chair that I have been meaning to reupholster for TWO years, we played chess and watched a few shows on Netflix, and I built a shelf!

Also, hubby installed a new shelf and rod in the girls’ room.

Which brings me to the title of this post: Making Room.

We have an 816 sq. ft. home, remember.

There will be our people living in this home soon.  Thankfully two of those people will be very small.

However, the addition of a new little one still means changes.

I always describe our home as a puzzle.  We are constantly rearranging, repurposing, and reorganizing to make more space.

So, in order to fit two little ones and all their stuff into one small room, without having kid stuff clutter up the rest of the house, here is our plan.

Here is the room as it is now:

Here are the changes we have planned.

1. Place a twin bed along the left wall: A toddler bed would have taken up less room, but we found a free twin bed with a storage headboard and drawers underneath.  We will store a lot of Addie’s clothes in the drawers to make room for the baby clothes in the dresser.

2. Move the rocker beneath the center window.  

3. Move the yellow bookshelf to the dead space behind the crib and fill with books.  I may also get a few Ikea picture ledges to place books on and to create a little book nook in that corner.  (The reason for dead space is to keep the baby from being able to reach the curtains and window).

4. Install a new shelf and rod in the closet.  This is done!  Now, I just have to rearrange baskets of shoes, socks, hats, headbands, etc. and to hang clothes.  We will also be rearranging some of the other items that we store here.

5. Move the desk? This is a big question mark still.  I really wish we had a third room where this desk could reside.  It was my great-great grandmother’s, so I don’t want to part with it.  However, a bigger bed with a big desk at the end of it is not my idea of a neat and organized looking room.  Clutter stresses me out.  We are going to see how the desk looks in the ONE AND ONLY other spot it would even fit in our house.  Then, we will decide.

6. Rearrange the art.  I will be moving some of the art in the room and adding a few small knick knacks for the new baby.

As I considered shared rooms, these pins supplied some of my inspiration.

Joint room ideas:

Book Nook ideas:

Closet Organization ideas:

Someday, I’d love to completely redo the style of the room for my girls, but I still love the simple, fun, carefree spirit of this room.

I will definitely update you when we have completed all the changes.  Next on our list is painting and assembling the twin bed!


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