I only have a few pics to share today, but I am linking up anyway.
life rearranged

I’m worn out from last night.  we basically trick or treated on ONE street.  But, it had hills. Also, every house had stairs for daaaaaayyyys.  Also, I am 32 weeks pregnant.  Thus, I am tired.

Add to that a child (who insisted on walking the entire way, but needed help up all of the aforementioned stairs) and you can understand my exhaustion.

She was adorable and wanted to carry her pumpkin bucket the whole time.  Even when it was so heavy that she had to use two hands and still it was practically dragging on the ground.  

She would also sit down every now and then to take a few pieces of candy out and then put them back in.  She doesn’t even know what candy is, but thinks they are toys.
She said “trick or treat” and “thank you” like a pro all night.

She finally burst into exhausted tears while running down a driveway carrying her bucket and not allowing anyone to help her.  So, grandma scooped her and the bucket up and Addie grabbed a couple pieces of candy to which she clutched fiercely in her hot little hands the entire ride home.

It was adorable.

Then, it was up at 6am for me since I am substitute teaching High School.  However, it is classes of seniors on the day after Halloween and on the unofficial “Senior Ditch Day”.  There were 12 absences in first period. HA! 

We did some pumpkin carving last week.  The kids did some pumpkin painting, which turned into body painting while we weren’t looking. The men bust out the power tools . . . such men.  More importantly, we ate Pioneer Woman’s Frito Chili Pie while pumpkin carving.  It was delish and fallish and I loved it.
We actually had some cool weather and rain earlier this week, so I was able to dress the little one and myself in cozy clothes.  Finally!!!  However, it is supposed to be in the eighties again today.  Bummer.  I’m craving cold weather.  Which is weird for me.  In fact, I saw at Starbucks that the Peppermint Mocha is out already and I was tempted.  Me!  I am normally a stickler and wait until December 1st.  Motherhood and pregnancy have messed with me.
Finally finished this book on Monday . . . and I haven’t read another “fun” book since then, but it was a lovely, lovely hour of resting.

I’m all about cider and tea lately. I have made a big pot of apple cider twice this season and yum, yum, yum!

I have a baby shower tomorrow and should probably pre-register at the hospital this weekend.  Hubby and my dad are working on a shed project in the yard and we will hopefully finish our family photo shoot this weekend.  What are your plans?  Have a great weekend, whatever you do!


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