{Halloween 2013}


I haven’t posted in awhile.


Subbing, teaching online, hosting growth group, hosting a pumpkin carving party, celebrating friends’ birthdays, making costumes, going to dentist appointments and doctor appointments, walking, cleaning.


Here is a flashback to last year’s Halloween.

Look how much she has grown!  Ahhhhhhhh!

We will hopefully be getting an “official” family photo of our costumes tonight, but here is a sneak peek.

I can’t take credit for this idea.  My little brother has always wanted me to be Mike Wozowski if I was ever pregnant at Halloween.  So, basically he has been bugging me since March!  I gave in and it was really fun creating the costumes.  I let hubby off the hook and made him a simple outfit.  I spent about $13 on my costume and $15 on Addie’s. I made everything except the Sully hat, which I purchased at 40% off at Beverly’s.  I figured Addie would end up using it to play dress up, so it was worth saving the effort to make something that wouldn’t have looked as good.  Of course, I doubt that I will ever be able to use the shiny green spandex leggings again. Ha!

Hubby and I also created some last-minute pirate costumes for a birthday/costume party that we attended last night.  I spent a total of $3.23 on these costumes and for the rest I simply used items we had on hand. Tight black dress, meshy tights, black boots, striped top, 10 cent beads, gold fabric, gold earrings, striped fabric, rope, felt and elastic, black t-shirt, felt and scissors and a google image pirate flag as a reference and 30 minutes of naptime! BOOM!

My parents are in town and we are all meeting up with my brother and his wife and kids for some good ol’ fashioned neigjborhood trick or treating!  What are your plans?

Stay safe!


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