{Baby #2: 30 weeks}


Third trimester and less than 10 weeks to go.

Time is flying.

I told hubby just the other night, “You know, we are going to blink and then there will be another baby here.  Another human in this house!”

It’s a crazy thought.

There is still much to do.

A deep clean for the house.

The painting of a bed and a few knick knacks.

A little adjustment to the closet.

Some rearranging of household furniture.

A few clothes to wash.

Pre-registering at the hospital.

A baby shower.

Attempting to potty train Addison.(yikes)

Oh . . . and you know . . . squeezing Thanksgiving, a marriage conference, Christmas (hopefully), and some backyard projects in there.

Whew.  These next 9 weeks are sure to be a wild ride.

I have been feeling pretty good.  Mostly just extra tired.  I am still fairly ravenous and have added an iron supplement to my diet.

Baby seems to be growing well and has a strong heartbeat.  We are down to appointments every other week and I checked the glucose test off my list.  Hooray!

Our name choice is fairly solid.  It is beautiful and unique, if you ask me.  However, whenever you choose a name that doesn’t already belong to 50 million people, there are some skeptics.  Hubby and I are equally in love with the name and that is what really matters.

I am still teaching online and substitute teaching one to three days a week.  I hope I can keep it up until the baby comes, so that then I can rest easy for awhile without stressing about money.

I am full of curiosity about this new little one.  Will she look like Addie or completely different?  How will her personality be the same or differ from Addie?  How will Addie react to her?

I’m sure, not matter what, that they will love one another.  I am so excited to see that relationship grow!


4 thoughts on “{Baby #2: 30 weeks}

  1. The two girl names that we picked were super unique. But we didn't care! Funny though that all the boy names we liked were super traditional. haha. Oh well.

  2. I love unique names–as long as they have conventional spelling! As a teacher, you understand the why of that!! These days it's even more fun because personalization is easy. I hated never finding little knick-knacks with everyone ELSE's name on them but mine, but nowadays it's a cinch to create those same items. Fun fun fun!

    You're going to love having two little girls in the house. There will only ever be one Addie…

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