{Upgraded Baby Beds}

Most of the “new” toys my daughter has recently received were actually once mine.
Dolls, My Little Pony horses, and two baby cradles.
I decided to give the baby cradles new life.
The white wicker one is sweet and similar to the bassinet that little sister will sleep in once she arrives.
Addie already enjoys putting her babies “nigh, nigh”.
I gave it a fresh coat of white paint, hot glued some pom pom garland to it, and sewed a slipcover to fill with batting for a fun mattress of sorts.
The wooden cradle is an antique and I have memories of keeping my dolls and stuffed animals in it.
I couldn’t bear to touch the vintage wood, so I simply had hubby reinforce the mattress support and then I sewed a slipcover.
I made a pillow to coordinate with some of the fabric in the girls’ room.

I like that the cradle and the bassinet match, yet are different.  I loooove that I have two, so that each of my girls will have one to play with as they grow!
It was a simple project and the only item I purchased was the pom pom fringe, so it was under $2!
Do your children play with any of your old toys?

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