Yay!  Insta-Friday again!
As I join up with jeannett again for insta-friday, I notice a few things:
1. We’ve had a severe weather change!  It was in the 90’s this weekend and then rained on Wednesday and has been frosty and in the 30’s in the mornings since then.
2. I was alllll about my sweet little girl this week!  I think it is becuase I worked almost every day the two weeks prior (online teaching and subbing) and then I had a full day off of working this past week and was able to do some special things with her.
Here is our week:
Her hair is always in her eyes, but she could care less.  However, it seems uncomfortable.  So, I use headbands and clips and hair ties.  They are adorable.  This one?  An old shirt tied like a turban.  The cuteness! And . . . those eyelashes? Sigh.
I dressed her in some cozy clothes for the rainy day.  This t-shirt dress?  18 – 24 month size.  She is 17 months and it swallows her up.
Socks: $2.50 at Target.  Mocha Mix: $10 at Costco for a giant tub. The Shaping of a Christian Family: $9 on Amazon.  Baby sleeping until 8:30 am and giving mama some much-needed quiet time: priceless.
 We went to the dog beach early one foggy morning.  I loved it.  Especially since I am currently on book 5 of the “Anne series”, in which she lives by the sea and often takes rambles on the shore.  I felt like I was living out the book, which is basically my dream!
 She loves the sand, but spent most of her time chasing after the “Puppies!”
 Earlier in the week it was a bit warm.  We watched part of a movie together while eating our “snacks” on the couch, which I informed her was a special circumstance.  I was finishing up the Anne of Green Gables movie (I sense a recurring theme) and every time a horse came on the screen she would shout, “neigh!”
  This $10 stroller is a new favorite toy.  We rarely buy toys, but this past week we obtained this stroller from Target and a $5 car mat with a farm theme (from a local thrift store). She loves them both and it is adorable to watch her pushing the stroller around the house! Plus, the stroller folds up and the mat slides right under the couch, so they don’t take up too much room. Phew!
 We went to a Cal Poly game over the weekend.  This was hubby and I’s first official date back in the day and we like to keep the tradition alive.  I was curious how Addie would do.  The last time we took her she was only 4 months old and, thus, very easy.  We brought a few books, a notebook and some crayons, and plenty of snacks.  She was an angel and barely fussed and of course enthralled everyone who sat near us.  Also, that onesie?  6-9 month size at Target.  My little peanut.
Then there was this moment.  All of her own accord, she has decided it is fun to cover her face and walk around the house slowly in an attempt to not run into things.  In this case, a freshly laundered diaper did the trick.  Weird.
 This image is a tribute to my husband who spent a couple hours after work digging this stump (which is larger than it appears) out of a corner of our yard.  I sense another backyard project coming on!
How was your week?  Any big weekend plans?  We are heading up north for a friend’s baby shower! Hooray!

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