It’s that time again: FRIDAY!
life rearranged
This is the day we link up with Life Rearranged to share the crazy and the lovely of our weeks.

I’m jenanninga on instagram if you want to follow.

Hubby was working late, so while dinner cooked we watched a little Pocahontas.  Just me and my girls.

 Hubby brought me some gorgeous roses on our anniversary.  I love them.

 I joined the women’s morning Bible study at my church, but a week of subbing caught me a little behind.  Then, I slept in until 7, so I had the little one read some books while I finished up.  She likes to be “cozy” with a blanky in the mornings.

 We went for a walk and picked out a few decorative pumpkins at the barn with cousins.

 3 years with this man!  I love him. We ate at a snazzy italian resturaunt downtown and then walked around and ate gelato.  It was lovely.

I purchased some supplies to start making our Halloween costumes.  Can you guess what our family is dressing up as? 

How was your week?

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