These three are my life.  

My life is full these days.

So very full.

Lately, I am . . .

DRINKING: Tons of ice cold water.  I have to use my to-go cup that has a straw or else I forget to drink water and then get suuuuper thirsty right before bed, which does not help the whole waking-up-to-use-the-restroom-a-million-times problem.

BAKING: Pumpkin bread.  One loaf for home.  One loaf for girls’ craft night.

READING: The Anne of Green Gables series (I am currently on book 4) and The Shaping of a Christian Family by Elisabeth Elliott.

MAKING: A fall wreath with supplies from the dollar store.  Hooray $4 wreath!

DREAMING: About apple cider and rain.

HOPING:  That we can find an easy way to fit two little girls in one room without having to move too much furniture around in our 816 square foot home.

OBSESSING:  The Vanilla Tulip blog.  My new fave.

WANTING: A fenced in front yard.  I am trying to teach Addie to respond immediately to “Stop” and “Come here”, but she is 16 months old and very *ahem* spirited, so you can guess how that is going.  Therefore, doing any work in the front yard while she is awake is almost impossible.

ORGANIZING: Closets and the garage.  So far the coat closet has improved, as has the hall closet (I am still going through mounds of paperwork to purge and refile.)  The nursery closet is next!

WORKING: From home.  I loooove it.  It is actually fun!  I am also substitute teaching a lot right now.  some half days and some full days.  Trying to save up as much extra money as possible so that I can simply rest and BE after this new little one arrives.

PRAISING: God.  For the money he is providing, the sub jobs he is bringing, the side jobs he is giving my husband, and the paid reviews I am getting.

JOINING: The women’s Bible study at church!  We are going through Nehemiah.  

LOVING:  My daughter’s friendship with her two cousins.  She spends a lot of time repeating, “Lukey, Caleb” throughout her day.

PLANNING: Ahead!  The coffee pot is already set to start at 6am tomorrow, lunches are packed, and directions are written for Grandma!

TRYING: To teach my daughter to prepare for daddy’s homecoming each day.  We clean our toys and tidy ourselves and then I talk him up a bunch.  It is working and she has run to him for a hug the past three days. (He has been trying to get her to hug him after work for awhile now, but she usually gets so excited that she just runs around, so I began prepping her thirty minutes before he gets home and it works!)

What have you been up to, lately?


2 thoughts on “{Lately}

  1. I love it that you are prepping for the next day – it makes the next day a happier day. I need to do that more. when are you due? and welcome to the ladies bs – it's a great one, i think. I love Fall and want rain in a very bad way.

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