{Family Day at the Barn}

We had a lovely day of visiting animals, picking apples, and eating grilled corn this weekend.

Hubby and I took the little one to “the barn” as we call it.

Addison fed the goats (a bit apprehensively), made many animal noises, took a hayride to the apple orchard, picked apples, and decided she wanted to eat them all immediately.

Whenever I get into one of my moods where I want nothing more than to move away to a place where we can live on a farm or be transported to an earlier time period, the barn saves the day!

Cutest little farm girl there ever was.

Not so sure about the goats at first.

It is much safer when Daddy helps.


Apple Pickin’ time.

“Apples, Apples!”

mmmmm, yummy. The apples of course. Ahem.

Apple Orchard sunlight.

Do you have a favorite getaway in your town?  A place that takes you back a hundred years?


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