I have been silent the last week, but I am back to link up for insta-friday

We were up in my hometown neck of the woods for one of my best friend’s wedding.  It was wonderful!  As always, leaving my Nor-Cal home fills me with all sorts of mixed feelings.  Do I want to live there again one day?  Will we live in San Luis Obispo forever?  I miss my family.  I love our church here.  What if . . .  It’s rough, being so divided emotionally between two places.  Weather, nature, and family are all on Nor Cal’s side, but small-town, community, church, lifestyle are all on Cen-cal!   I am striving for contenetment.

This week was busy with the start of teaching my online classes, subbing first grade for a full day, throwing an impromptu farewell party for friends, preparing to sell some items on consignment, selling stuff through craigslist, going on long walks, meeting visiting friends for lunch, cleaning, baking, grocery shopping, lesson planning, squeezing in some extra workouts, and playing with my fun-loving little one.

I am looking forward to a movie night with hubby and an afternoon at the barn with the fam this weekend along with some more organizing and purging!

What are you up to?

Some mornings look like this.  A bottle, Curious George, dog’s head on baby’s leg, baby petting dog.  Sweetness.

Some nights are tomato soup, grilled cheese, and sauteed veggies.  Doesn’t mean you can’t make it fancy.  Nice dishes, candles lit, lights down low, placemats and fancy napkins.

These two, both shocked at some football play on T.V.  Addie loves watching football.  She yells “ball” and “daddy” the whole time because apparently every man is “daddy”.

She loves her Grammy.

BFF’s for life!  Seriously, this friendship is over twenty years strong, as is this photo arrangement.  Check out the order we are standing in below . . . then look at the next pic . . . FROM 10TH grade.  They may hate me for posting it, but oh well.

Pregnant together after all these years of friendship.  She is expecting a Thanksgiving baby boy and I am expecting a Christmas baby girl!  We had to give a toast, but wanted to look classy, so asked for water in our champagne glasses.  Also, instead of “bridesmaids” all the close friends wore matching headbands.  Cute, eh?  Also, why does my hand look ginormous and old ladyish?

Ahhh, my childhood backyard, a cup of mocha mix, early morning sunlight, crisp morning air and everyone else in the house asleep.


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