The day we share our simple little, lovely little weeks as seen through the instagram lens.
life rearranged
I’m linking up again.

You can follow me on insta if you want!  I am jenanninga!

There has been outdoor time galore.  It was broiling outside last weekend and it has finally cooled down a bit this week.

I even was able to spend some time lounging during the little one’s nap.  Lemon bars, Mocha mix, a good book, my Bible.  Perfect.

I absolutely love this picture because she looks exactly like the little boy in the opening scene of my favorite movie of all time:  Wild Hearts Can’t be Broken.  Watch it.  You won’t be sorry.

 I found this easal on the side of the road forever ago and freshened it up. Little girl in pigtails and mama’s old overalls.  Love it.

Hubby and I wrapped up the long weekend with S’mores! That is one dessert that never gets old.
I realize this photo is hard to decipher.  This is my knee and Addie’s knee.  Actually, both of her knees look like this.  She is running all over the place, so spills are inevitable.  Me?  I’m a klutz, and I’m pregnant.  So, I fell off the front step and landed HARD on my hands and knees.  Still can’t put pressure on this knee or bend it all the way.  Ouch.
Chillin’ in the hammock in the hot, hot weather.

Did you participate in the 2013 mug swap?  I did and it was do fun!  I received a lovely package from Heather which included a mug for me and a mug for hubby!  She also included some tea and a sweet note filled with verses of encouragement. 

September is here and I am welcoming it!  Somehow it only just now occurred to me that a fridge is like a giant whiteboard.  I love it.


One thought on “{INSTA-LOVE}

  1. 1) I smiled when I saw the mugs… glad you're getting good use out of them 🙂

    2) NO WAY sbout the fridge! That's awesome – now I wish my fridge wasn't stainless steel. Oh well – I'll stick with my bathroom mirror.

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