{He is Good}

God is so good.

He IS in control.


Recently, hubby and I have reached a point where trusting the Lord in theory wasn’t an option anymore.  Things were getting REAL.

After buying a house a little over a year ago, having a baby, me taking six months off of work, returning to work part-time, me taking a leave of absence again and not working all summer, a change in health insurance . . . we were going to run out of money and be living one paycheck to one paycheck with no real assurance regarding where or when or if enough money would be coming in from me in order to fill in the holes. By all our calculations, it wasn’t going to be enough.

Scary.  Challenging.  

We talked.  We prayed.  We looked at our finances and made a commitment to not do ANYTHING extra.  We started an envelope for grocery money.  I sold something on Craigslist and the money went in there.  We planned a garage sale to supplement the grocery fund.  I wrote seven product reviews for Money Saving Mom and earned a little grocery cash from that. I took the first substitute job I was offered, a mere week after the school year started.

Ultimately, we knew that the Lord wanted me at home with our daughter.

He even provided a stay-at-home very part-time job to help us financially.  That in itself was a miracle.

Then, you guys, then . . .

He took a giant weight off of our shoulders.

Without going into too much detail, we received a check from a source that we didn’t even know existed.  A check that would help cover our mortgage for a few months.  A check that means we do not have to fear running out of money in the next few months.  A check that means we allowed ourselves to use $4 of the craigslist sale money to splurge on a frapuccino to share today.

What a miracle.  

When we received it, I burst into tears.  Big wet, sobbing with my hands over my face tears.  

God is so good.

We will still be very careful.  We will still be eating at home and using netflix for entertainment.  We will still be making many of our gifts this year.  We will still be price matching and sale scouring and coupon using for groceries.  I will still be teaching online and substitute teaching weekly if possible.

After all, I am having a baby in December and my ability to substitute for income will be put on hold for a bit and then it will be summer again and I won’t have any income for a few months.

But, even then, the Lord will provide.

Don’t you see?  He can.  He will.  He already has.  

Not through any avenue we could have ever predicted.  Not by anything we did ourselves.

Our God is so good.  He cares for us.  He will fight for us.

Thank you, Lord!

I debated sharing this since financial stuff can be personal, but I felt that God needed to be given glory for this, that other moms needed to be encouraged and reminded of God’s power.  Nothing is impossible for Him!


3 thoughts on “{He is Good}

  1. Oh I needed to read this. Today is my first official day of maternity leave. My husband has been trying to find work since he graduated from his diploma and we found out we were pregnant, at the beginning of the year. 9 months later he's still trying and now I'm on leave things are getting real…

    I have tried to hand my fears over…I felt like I had but they still creep into my mind…when we needed a home, God provided and I have to trust that he will again but I guess until I whole heartedly do, we'll be waiting! This was lovely to read and a good reminder about trust

  2. Thanks for sharing. God is good, ALL the time. One thing that has really encouraged my husband and I during tough job/financial times is to remember that God ONLY gives upgrades, He never ever down-grades.
    So happy for your family.
    We also use the envelope grocery system and it is really helpful. It makes me question each item I am purchasing.

  3. I don't know if you have seen my posts the past few days on Facebook, but it we have been in a similar boat and yet feeling Christ's peace in times of uncertainty can be so freeing. Thanks for sharing your struggles and using it as a way to share Christ with us.

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