I love Fridays.

I love linking up.

I love seeing my life through an instagram filter.

life rearranged

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Ally my pics are of my little girl this week.  She really is becoming just that: a little girl.  Her babyness slips away more and more each day.  Sad, but also adorable to watch each new thing she learns.

Eating PB and J with a bow in her hair when we went to the park to meet daddy for lunch.

Rocking the new “hat” she picked out from the thrift store.  Oh and just some giant pink shades.  With an atitude!

We had watermelon leftover from hubby’s party.  I added some ice and sugar and blended it for watermelon slushies.  Her lips kill me in this pic.

I’ve started crocheting again.  Headband for me, beanie for her and a turban for little sister!

She seriously colors like this sometimes, as if she is five or something.  Ay yay yay, that girl!

I am looking forward to a three day weekend!  How about you?


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