{Easy Kitchen Chalkboard for the Kiddos}

Have you seen this?

Ya, amazing, I know.  I pretty much love everything about this blog.

This was the inspiration for a simple project we completed in our kitchen.

I have been slowly doing some small upgrades to our kitchen.

It started out like this:

Then, we painted the walls and the cabinets, got new hardware, put down new baseboard, and hung some curtains and art. (I know these pics are dark.  Early morning light and a small napping window!)

A little while later I swapped out the rectangular table for a round pedestal table that I love and that saves space as well.

I painted the kickboard are under the cabinets this summer and just started painting the undersides of our cabinets (we never did it since we moved in two weeks before our baby’s due date).

Still on our list of things to do?

1. Put down new flooring (we are thinking black and white checked).
2. Cover odd laundry room window with a framed chalkboard (we will be DIYing this soon).
3. Hang some new art.
4. Find a bigger basket to hold snacks on top of the fridge.
5. Finish painting the underside of the cabinets.
6. Paint the light box white and eventually switch out the lights for something cuter.
7. Paint the desk a bright blueish/teal color.
8. Make roman shades out of some blueish/tealish ikat or something similar.
9. Get a new door that is mostly glass.
10. Build banquette seating in the breakfast nook that doubles as storage.
11. New fridge or paint current fridge.
12. New or painted countertops?

Some of these things are simple and inexpensive while others are a long way down the road.

For now, we are only doing simple and inexpensive.

This chalbkboard project was practically free. 

I used Martha Stewart Chalkbaord paint, leftover white paint from the cabinets, and pallet wood we have on hand.

There was this cheap , worn-out piece of wood at the end of the counter that covered our dishwasher.  This is where Addie’s high chair usually lives.  but, it was ugly.

So, using inspiration from Dear Lillie’s Chalkboard, I painted it with chalkboard paint, had hubby cut me some wood, painted the wood, had hubby nail it on, and BAM!

Addie loves it!  She has fun drawing with her “chalk” and asking Mommy to draw “hearts”.

We might putty in the old nail holes at some point and paint over them, but for now it is a huge improvement!

We will be making another big chalkboard for the kitchen soon and this one will be magnetic!  I can’t wait to share it with you!


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