{Lately . . .}

I was going to post more last week.

Really, I was.

I have some new crafts and house projects to share.  

I have pregnancy updates and toddler updates.

But . . . life.

Getting organized again after vacation, doing a few projects around the house, five appointments, three phone calls, two online trainings, prepping for the hubby’s 30th bday, baby showers, and upcoming garage sales kept me busy.

Then there was the cleaning, the walks, the chickens, the garden, the dog, and a basket of yarn that began calling my name.

So, here is what we’ve been up to around here.

 Playing with the new chalkboard mama and daddy made her.  More on that soon! 
P.S. Her hair is in a messy bun.  I love it.

My 15-month-old has enough hair for a full on ponytail.  Not cool.  Stop growing up so fast! 

After a week full of work craziness and appointments everywhere, I needed a break.  Legally blonde, Thrifty’s ice cream, and crocheting.  Ahhhhh. 

She missed the chickens while we were gone. 

We meet hubby for lunch every now and then (Addie usually naps right smack dab in the middle of lunch time).  Hubby found us a new spot.  Old canoes, water lapping the shore, a weathered stump, a teal picnic table.  I loved it. 

My mother-in-law brought me some lemons.  I have been craving fresh lemonade and missing our old lemon tree ALLLLL summer long.  I immediately made lemonade.  It was delish! 

It’s good to be home with these two crazies.  I think Addie is more of a handful than our puppy. HA! 

Sweet little girl is growing, growing, growing . . . and so am I . . . yikes!


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