{Lake Shasta 2013}

We are back again from vacation.

From a place that I have gone nearly every year since I was a newborn.

I love this tradition.

I love camping.

I love not showering, but rather jumping in a lake each day.

I love riding in a boat across the lake.

I love watching shooting stars against a black sky.

I love campfires and s’mores.

I love sitting in camp chairs and lounge chairs and reading.

I love visiting with family and playing games.

I love it all.

 Happy Camper.

 First time ever having a houseboat . . . still slept in a tent!

 Red dirt.

 Early Morning.

 Baby Bump . . . and hand strategically placed over the thigh.

 Braids . . . aaaaaalllll week.

 What a view.

 Coffee and breakfast bars.

 Cute little camper.

 Lake Shasta Top Shot competition 2013.

 Trees and Mountains = Love!

 Surf’s up!

 My manly man.

 Cousins . . . been camping together every summer for the past 30 years!

 Stylish.  I know.

 Dirt. Dirt. Dirt.

 Juice and dirt.  Yum.

See ya next year!

Or, as Addie says, “Seeeees ya!”


3 thoughts on “{Lake Shasta 2013}

  1. My family used to go all the time, too! Love that place. Was that a Holiday Harbor Houseboat? House boating is the BEST!

    Also, I LOVE that blue headband! So stinkin adorbs. And you look fabulous pregnant! 🙂

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