The Lord is faithful.

He is marvelous.

He has done a marvelous thing.

Two years ago I applied to teach at an online school.  Things didn’t work out.  I applied again in January, but they weren’t hiring for any English positions.  

Fast forward to my school district not permitting me to work part-time and me wondering where the money to pay our mortgage and eat is going to come from.

I began applying to every and any online school or writing job I could find, all the while wishing I could work for that school I applied to when I was still pregnant with Addie.

Then, on a whim, I sent an email to the school about a month or two ago, telling them that I planned to apply again for the next year and that should anything come up, I was still interested.  It was a quick e-mail and I sort of forgot about it.

The Monday after our vacation, I was going through my e-mails when I saw one from the school.  My heart stopped.

I opened the e-mail.  They had a position open.  A very part-time position that could turn into more in following years.

I burst into tears and emailed them back.

A few phone and skype interviews later and I was hired!

You guys.

Not only did God provide me a work-at-home job, but with the one school I really wanted to work for!

I will still need to substitute a bit to supplement, since the job is so part-time, but this is such a huge blessing.

I will be spending about 4.5 hours per week teaching live online classes in writing and grammar and then I will be grading and emailing as necessary.

I am thrilled, relieved, grateful, and hopeful!

All I have ever wanted since I was a little girl, was to rock my babies and play with them, to bake and clean and enjoy my home.  All I have been dreaming of since I first saw that positive sign on a pregnancy test, was being home with my children.  God is making a way.  

We will still be trusting him in BIG ways to provide financially as we do life in this 816 square foot house of dreams, but He is already showing us that He will provide.

It is marvelous.


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