It’s friday again! I am linking up with Life Rearranged to share my week in instagram shots.
life rearranged
I am excited for the weekend!

I am also excited for dinner tonight because I am making enchiladas and I love them and I am currently starving since the snack I was eating gave me a gag reflex like none other and I had to toss it.  Oh, pregnancy.

This was a mellow week of unpacking, errands, cleaning, walks, and lunch with daddy.  

This little girl is becoming more and more hilarious every day.  We love watching her personality blossom.  We crack up over the videos I take of her.  She is so fun.  On another note, I love how instagram makes my kitchen floor seem more retro than ghetto!

Yesterday was free slurpee day.  I was ALLLLL over that!

We made it to the beach with some cousins and had a blast playing in the sand and water.  I also realized that my daughter and I matched.  Tan colored floppy hats and ruffled suits.

 My Aunt and two young cousins were visiting.  That meant making bigger than usual dinner, breakfast, and lunch.  I liked it.  It was good practice for having a passel of kids.  It also ensured that I actually made myself a lunch.  Tomato, cheddar, acovado, and mustard on whole wheat.  Yum.

How was your week?  Do you have any fun weekend plans?  Ours will be a mixture of projects and playing!


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