{For my Children}

For my children I will . . .

Enjoy a free 7-11 today, instead of buying frappucinos.

Clip coupons like there is no tomorrow.

Compare prices at various grocery stores.

Eat less meat since it is expensive.

Shop at thrift stores . . . on sale days.

Use as many reusable items instead of disposable as possible.

Get my hair cut at Cost Cutters.

Use free Redbox rental codes and free yogurt coupons for date nights.

Drive the inexpensive once-was-totaled-but-hubby-fixed-it car, instead of looking for a SUV.

Scour the free section of craigslist.

Avoid clothing stores like the plague.

Crochet hats until my fingers fall off, in order to make a few extra dollars.

Continue searching for stay-at-home jobs.

Recycle cans for spending money.

Save every ounce of food for leftovers.

I would do all of this and more if it meant staying home with my beloveds.

This is a month of change.  My first month without a paycheck and with no knowledge of when the next one will come.

This is a month of decreasing our cell phone plan and internet plan and unplugging everything when it is not in use.  A month of not eating out.  A month of “Why yes, we’d love those puzzles your kids no longer use”.

Sometimes I feel discouraged.  Sometimes I wonder why other people seem to have all the luck and good fortune.  I try to remind myself that I am not alone.  I remind myself that I live in an extremely affluent area without being affluent myself and that the people around me really don’t understand.  They don’t mean to flaunt their wealth or their ability to buy something without analyzing the purchase first.

But truly, I don’t mind.  I have what matters most.  My God is in control.  I will trust in Him.


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