Here are a few instagram pics to show you what we have been up to lately!  Our summer has been a blast so far: beach days, pool days, walks, baseball games, the circus, farmer’s market, family visits, eating outside . . . I love summer!

Watching fireworks.  We were close enough that the sound-canceling headphones were necessary.  She was nervous at first, but utterly transfixed as well.

Visiting my family in Nor Cal for the 4th is one of my favorites.

The circus came to town, so hubby and I went.  It was so fun!

These two.  Best friends for life I tell ya.

We had some cousin time.  I had some practice dealing with multiple kids at once.  It was only a couple of hours and I enjoyed it!

I love my daughter’s room.  We still don’t know the gender of the little one growing inside me, but if it is a boy I will be a little sad to change this room around!

I am still bombarded with plums and I plan on freezing some this week and attempting a plum pie!

We had a blackout a couple weeks ago.  Ice cream by candlelight!

We have plum jam for daaaaaaaays!

Hubby brought me roses on my birthday.  I turned 30 in June.  Yes . . . 30.  Now let me go ponder the impossibility and horror of that number.  

I hope you enjoyed the 4th!  Yay America!


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